Issue fully private and verifiable digital credentials with W3C-compatible Identiproof

Identiproof allows you to easily issue verifiable credentials to users, staff and customers. 

W3C compliant


Low cost of ownership

Credentials require privacy

If you issue digital credentials (certificates, proofs of ownership/authorisation, etc.) it is not always acceptable to track the behaviour of the holders when they submit them for verification.  Designed by the co-author of the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) Verifiable Credentials standard, Identiproof is a complete solution for issuing, holding and verifying credentials, which guarantee the privacy of the subject.

Identiproof supports W3C Verifiable Credentials


How can Identiproof help your business?

Performance & Sustainability:

Identiproof is faster, uses less computing resource and is much more energy efficient than blockchain based systems.

Identiproof allows you to make digital documents verifiable and fraud-resistant, while keeping them future-proof and private. 

  • Organisations issue and revoke credentials
  • Holders make claims about themselves (and others) while protecting their privacy
  • Third-parties instantly verify claims are genuine and relate to the credential holder

Here is how Identiproof works in different settings:


Education & Training

Why choose Identiproof ?


Identiproof APIs make development & integration with your existing systems quick and easy. No blockchains are needed.


Our user-friendly developer portal makes implementation and ownership easy.


Privacy by design - comply with data protection regulations (e.g. GDPR).

Existing Standards:

Follow accepted open W3C standards for digital credentials and authentication.


Quick deployment, with a one-time set up, using existing infrastructures. You will soon be ready to go.

UK Technology:

Support UK Technology / based on UK University Research.

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