Identiproof is a complete Verifiable Credential product family 

Identiproof allows organisations to issue fully verifiable digital credentials of any type.

Designed by the co-author of the W3C standard, Em Prof David Chadwick, Identiproof was specifically built to support the new W3C Verifiable Credentials standard guaranteeing the privacy of the subject of the credentials.


Identiproof has 3 key systems:

Issuer System

Issuing organisations are the authority on information about a subject (a person or organisation). Organisations use the Identiproof Issuer system to issue information in the form of a claim. These claims are Verifiable Credentials and Issuers can issue, edit and revoke them using the cloud-based management system.

Identiproof provides:

  • Cloud-based management console for easy credential management
  • REST APIs to integrate with organisation’s databases and leverage existing systems
  • Full implementation support from our experienced team
  • Developer portal with extensive technical resource

Credential Wallets

Holders store and manage Verifiable Credentials received from Issuers with a piece of software called a digital wallet. Wallets can be integrated into an organisation’s mobile application or Holders can store them on their phones in the same way they hold other digital wallets for e.g. Apple or Google Pay.

Identiproof wallets provide an easy to use interface allowing Holders to accept Verifiable Credentials from Issuers, receive information requests from Verifiers and present their claims contained in the Verifiable Credential.

Verifier System

To prevent fraud and protect resources, Verifiers (or relying parties) need to validate information about users who wish to access resources or physical / virtual sites.  Verifiers request from the Holder some data that meets their verification requirements and instantly validate the information provided.  

To protect the Holder and help the Verifier to ensure they are not accidentally over-collecting information, the Verifier system only requests the minimum information required for identification and authentication. The request is automatically sent to the Holder and the returning claims are instantly validated.

Verifiers are able to ask for multiple pieces of information in a single request, making the system fast, flexible and appropriate for numerous different use cases.

Identiproof provides Verifier applications that can be used on mobile phones or other digital devices.