Implementing Identiproof

Whether you are issuing credentials for the first time, or are replacing an existing capability in order to take advantage of W3C Verifiable Credentials, we have a UK based team to help you achieve your objectives.  From project management, stakeholder engagement, credential design to Identity provider integration – we have the hands-on implementors to help.  Identiproof’s APIs makes it easy to incorporate Identiproof into your applications, but if you need assistance we also have developers, testers and analysts available to support your team.

Identiproof Customisation

If you want to customise the experience of your credential Holders, support different wallets, or issue complex or commercially chargeable credentials, Crossword can provide and support a customised Identiproof system.  Because we build every element of our core Identiproof platform we can meet your most exacting requirements.  Our modular design makes this more affordable than you might think.

Verifiable Credentials Consulting

Our team has over 20 years of Digital Identity and Credentials experience.  Our Product Director, David Chadwick, was involved in the design of X509 as well as a co-author of the W3C Verifiable Credentials standard, and is involved in initiatives including the new international digital mobile driving licence standard.  If you want to understand the opportunity that Verifiable Credentials offer to your organisation’s digitalisation strategy, we can help – from running Exec awareness sessions to strategic consulting about Digital Identity and Credentials.